So I got goats….

I began, to start, or attempt to blog almost two years ago. I was looking for a change in my life and really wasn’t sure where that would lead. My sons were mostly grown and I wanted a new life. Finances were no longer a huge issue and I began traveling.

I intended to travel, write, photograph, expand my horizons and relocate with my teen. Life quickly took its own turns. After about a year of juggling travel adventures and my full time job, my long distance best friend and I decided to become a team and get married.

I relocated to his home, about 1000 miles north of my lifelong Florida home shortly after. And then began learning who I was as a married woman. We had plans of travel near and far, which may happen someday but I quickly fell into a pattern of being a homebody. Learning to cook, care for a home, with actual time to do so and explore my hobbies. Lack of a strong schedule and routine, put me into a slump and it felt like I was getting nowhere and succombing to pandemic fatigue. Determined to do some of the things, I always dreamed I came up with a plan. Exploring new recipes, new ideas, a little gardening (although I found many distractions from needed weeding), raising chickens and finally getting goats.

As a young girl, I always loved time at my cousins with chickens, rabbits, skunks, geese, goats, an old pony and Bo (a horse who never knew he was a horse) . I had talked for years of someday having chickens and a goat….and finally I do.

Traveling is put on hold, due to both this pandemic, life and the fact that my goats do not travel well, and that is okay.

So what now?

I have my chickens, 3 pregnant dairy goats, and more eggs than I care to count. I love sharing fresh eggs with others, and am doing lots of research on milking goats and making goat cheese, yogurt and butter.


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