Colorado weekend-My break from usual scenery


Ribe, Denmark

Among the must see places in the West Jutland of Denmark is Ribe. It is a beautiful, colorful medieval town which propels you back in time. I am continually amazed at the beauty, color and amazing architecture every time I look through my photographs. This place was truly charming with it’s halftimbered housed lining cobblestone streets as well as the Cathedral in the center of town.


IMG_2996IMG_2993If you decide to spend the day you must visit the Viking Center where you will get a glimpse at early Viking life. The demonstrations show marketplaces, housing, farms, hands on activities and games.



If you find yourself in southwestern Denmark, travel back in time at the Viking center, take a stroll down the cobblestone streets of Ribe, and stop for local cuisine, a locally brewed beer, dried flatfish and marsh lamb.

Solo in the City of Romance

I had always heard of Paris as called the City of Love, or Romance, and have heard it said to be a very romantic place. None of those thoughts came to my mind as a strolled through the roadways. Six months earlier, I never in my craziest thoughts expected to have a passport, or leave the U.S. but there I was.

My sister had moved to Denmark a few months before, and I had made the decision to take money that I had saved for a wedding that now, wasn’t going to happen, and visit her. As flights were booked, I thought, hmm, a two day detour could work…with the only thing I wanted to do is sit in front of the Eiffel tower with coffee and a croissant.

I had carefully planned everything out. Left my sister in Hamburg, Germany as I took the short flight to Paris. Had my offline map downloaded, a booking at the 3 Ducks Hostel, and a plan for getting there on the metro.

Now let me tell you, I am not brave, hated being alone, hated being out of my comfort zone, hated feeling alone, but as I found my way off the S train and to my metro stop and came out along the streets of Paris, I never felt less alone in my life.

I rounded the streets, taking in the sights of the enchanting buildings lined the roadway and found my Hostel. A cozy little place were you entered a little pub. checked in and rounded the spiral staircase to my shared room. I immediately changed my outfit, as it was a sweltering 85 degrees that afternoon, locked up my backpack and left in search of my destination, the iconic Eiffel Tower.

As I rounded the streets, about 10 minutes away, there it was peaking from behind the buildings. The streets had been relatively quiet but as I approached there were vendors, sprawled out on the ground with toys and trinkets, Eiffel towel figurines of different types and sizes, all working to beat the others prices. As you stepped through the paths, and crossed the road there were loud murmurings of guides, shouting out the reminder “Watch for pickpockets” “hold belongs tight”, as everyone bustled very close through the crosswalks to get a better view.

At this point, I had completely forgot of the thought to take a selfie with a coffee and a croissant. I just took in the magic of these place I never imagined seeing in real life. A movie time visionary. I wondered pass the carousel, down some steps to the walkway on the Seine and took in what I do believe is my favorite visual memory, seeing artistry on the steps while looking up at the carousel and tower in the background. As the night sky began, things began to light up, music came on and I saw “the City of Lights” in all its splendor. So I sat, quietly, by myself, taking in the beauty and eating a panini.