There is so much more to Paris that the Eiffel tower. How could one take it all in, on a limited time? I had 23 hours from the time I arrived at Paris airport, till the time I needed to return to the airport for my return trip to Florida.

As I previously wrote, I was on a mission to see the Eiffel tower. Conveniently located near the Eiffel tower, I took a boat tour on the Seine at sunset. During the evening time, and dusk rapidly approaching, I did not hop on and off at all the sites. Instead, I chose to take in the beauty of the Parisian sunset and take in the views from the boat. This was perfect timing to save glimpses of Notre Dame; Musee D’ Orsay; Invalides; Jarden Des Plantes; and the Louvre. As the boat traveled, people gathered along the walls of the river. Some sharing a bottle of wine with a friend, playing checkers, a few lively dance parties, or the occasional couple slow dancing, and some individuals enjoying the night by themselves, but “together” we shared the end of the day in the beauty of the sunset.

That evening, as I tiredly took my final steps back to the hostel, warm thoughts went through my mind. I had done it, one solo day in a beautiful foreign place. I did not feel alone, but very much a part of it all.

Notre Dame (Summer 2018)

Gathering along Seine River
Dancing along the Seine

Morning came early as I woke at 6:00 a.m. I had to make the most of my limited time. Grabbed a croissant and small juice in the hostel lobby and headed on my way. I planned on checking out a few greenspaces. I enjoyed the little parks, walked a little way and jumped on the metro and got close to where I believed I wanted to be. The metro was NOT intimidating for this Florida girl. (WOW, who was I? I was already changing. I hadn’t had a conversation in hours and I was loving the time with myself.) I got off at my stop, rounded the streets, and space began to open up to a park, garden, and Palais Du Luxemberg. I never went up to the palace, just enjoyed the breathtaking surroundings.

Palais Du Luxembourg

I spent the rest of the morning at Jardin Du Luxembourg. I admired the many statutes and fountains, photographed the flowers and watched a band practice in the distance of the park. Enjoyed an ice creek cone, and sat in 3 different spots along the park to read a book. Just before heading away, I had to find the fountain I had read about, The Medici Fountain. I had read so much through the years about Catherine Medici, so I had to see the fountain she wanted put in these gardens.

Medici Fountain

Is Paris the City of Romance? I do not know, but that short visit changed me and taught me to love myself.

Published by Cindi

Who am I? What do I like? Im tired of being told, I can’t, I shouldn’t, that’s dumb, etc. So here I am writing this blog. For many years I spent much of my time going through the motions and just surviving. Several years ago, I began taking the mini adventures I had dreamed of, but who can afford to travel all the time? Certainly not me. However, I began to discover beautiful things, and areas around me. It does not take much to venture out. I also discovered so few people are familiar with local beauties in their area. As a teen and young adult I loved photography and cameras, worked at it professionally after college. As time went on, life got in the way. Fast forward twenty years and I started picking up a few vintage cameras, began using film again and also discovered the wonderful world of DSLR and digital...…. …….what a different process and experience from film. (still some basic similarities as well) Just like that, waa laa my college passion was restored. Follow me and let us see where this leads together....

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