Covered Bridges Southwest Ohio

Summer of last year I moved from Florida to Ohio. Once here I set out to familiarize myself with my new surroundings. I became fascinated and intrigued with the local covered bridges. I set out to betray these in the best light I could with my Canon EOS Rebel T5.

The Hueston Woods Covered Bridge is the newest built covered bridge in Preble County, built in 2012. It is located on Camden College Corner Road between Buck Paxton Road and Hedge Row Road. For you architecture and engineering buffs, it is a single span modified Burr Arch design, spanning 108 feet, with two six foot walkways along the sides that offer safe passage and a scenic view to pedestrian traffic. The burr-arch design was chosen to pay homage to Roberts Covered Bridge which was closed to traffic in 1986 due to arson.

Roberts Covered Bridge is a historical landmark. It is Ohio’s oldest covered bridge and the last existing sample of a double barreled or dual wagoned bridge in the state. (1 of 6 in the United States.) This bridge was built in 1829. It originally spanned seven mile creek, three miles south of Eaton. It is now resting in a city park in South West Eaton over seven mile creek.

Black Covered Bridge is my favorite. Black Covered Bridge a/k/a Pugh’s Mill is located in Oxford, Ohio. It is one of the two remaining covered bridges in Butler County, and on its original site. Constructed in 1968 to give access to a saw and grist mill on four mile creek. Black Covered Bridge is unique for its combination of two trust types-child and Longworth in a single structure.

Bebb Park Bridge was built in 1868 and originally spanned the Great Miami River in Middletown. In 1886 it was relocated to Fairfield Road at Indian Creek, and then in 1966 moved to Governor Bebb Park where it stands today. It is thought to be a wernway truss design, but there seems to be some question on this.

Brubaker Covered Bridge is near Gratis. Built in 1887 and found on Brubaker Road across Sam’s Run Creek. At 85 feet in length it is 1 of 7 remaining Child’s truss bridges left in United States.

Geeting Bridge crosses Price Creek on Price Road, West of Lewisburg. Built in 1894 with a 101 foot span. I did not find a lot of information on this bridge.

Dixons Branch Covered Bridge, built in 1887 now sits in Civitan Park in village of Lewisburg.
Germantown Bridge

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