Colorado weekend-My break from usual scenery

Published by Cindi

Who am I? What do I like? Im tired of being told, I can’t, I shouldn’t, that’s dumb, etc. So here I am writing this blog. For many years I spent much of my time going through the motions and just surviving. Several years ago, I began taking the mini adventures I had dreamed of, but who can afford to travel all the time? Certainly not me. However, I began to discover beautiful things, and areas around me. It does not take much to venture out. I also discovered so few people are familiar with local beauties in their area. As a teen and young adult I loved photography and cameras, worked at it professionally after college. As time went on, life got in the way. Fast forward twenty years and I started picking up a few vintage cameras, began using film again and also discovered the wonderful world of DSLR and digital...…. …….what a different process and experience from film. (still some basic similarities as well) Just like that, waa laa my college passion was restored. Follow me and let us see where this leads together....

2 thoughts on “Colorado weekend-My break from usual scenery

  1. Really stunning pictures and I’m glad you are rediscovering your passion for photography. It will benefit us all. When I was starting out as a travel writer I was told to stop fretting that I couldn’t keep on travelling (lack of money) that I should hone what talents I had on writing about things in my immediate area. It was difficult as I couldn’t see anything to write about in my home town or its environs. But gradually, I began to look with the eye of a tourist and before long I was publishing pieces about local beauty spots, the cathedral, the ancient town ways etc. It’s all around us, we just need to look. Good luck with your life. Mari

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